The True Test Of Civilization…

…it is said, is how it treats it’s seniors and most vulnerable. The true test of a senior is focusing upon abilites, rather than disabilites. The late Chet Herbert served up a great example to me earlier in my life..something that helped lead me along my career pathway.
Our fave octogenigonewild around here made it to the first round of Top over the weekend. A red light in the 1st round could be ‘splained away by anything from giddy excitement to viagrian side-effects. Greek is god…

Too much drama over the past week in LA is pulling attention away from another action over at LA City Hall…this one in cyberspace…asking why..4 years later…no Brotherhood Raceway is yet forthcoming. The track can be rationalized as a historic plaything to keep car culture a living history in So.Cal.-and at a small outlay. The players who would get this show on the road are getting over a touchiness hangover, at this writing.
Focus up, Brothers.


Silly Season Summary Pt. 1

…most of my daily musings last month surrounded the deteriorata in cash-strapped connivance structured for a real estate pyramid scam that promised endless advance money.  I toldya, I toldya, I toldya.  I toldya all last year…on blogspot…on here.  Links  fell away from folks who simply didn’t want to hear it.  Cabash; and every closed door finds another open.

I wrote about Hot Rod Fullers’ falling away…and am pleased to see he may have a fall back plan.  The single most annoying occurance this past month was the de facto ban on match racing by contemporary fuelers.  The ludicrous market conditions for such possible exhibitions notwithstanding, the option for the next Force…or the ever current octogenarian Chris Karamesines needed to be in place.  The four event rule placed everyone on the Glendora Gormet circuit off the menu.  The Internationalists, on the other hand…well, a Fuller vs. Karamesines series of final rounds could still happen if the Ohio offices survive the chill of insurance liability brought about by two seperate ‘monster’ motordeaths.  Really, tho…circus riders have replaced circuit riders in the top ranks.

My silly season-specific side project…always done…um…TODAY!…did speculate around how we could restructure to make the business closer to the original sport that the likes of Tice, Moe, Carrier, Badar and our late, lamented and sorely needed at this time….Wally Parks envisioned.  No matter how commercial or organized into predictible eliminators you’d want to participate or peer out at through affordable grandstand viewing, we can all agree the sprints are losing so much of their history to be rapidly unrecognizable to those of us lucky enough to have hob nob’d with the founders.  I would, again, throw baseball out as an example of a pro sport which could culturally support amateur grassroots participation while keeping the whole deal digestible and identifiable.