Chris Karamesines, Chris Karamesines, Chris Karamesines!

Any excuse to add to the Chris Karamesines google bank is a reason to post.  A tad bit under 196mph on Friday at Gainsville keeps the man’s 1000′ muscles limbered up. When you’re 81 years old, you’ll need plenty stretching, as well.

Keeping a good man down, whoever it is, seems to be the new rep of Glendora corporate culture.  This past week, it was announced that round by round sportsman racing isn’t worth coverage…and, no-this isn’t their worst PR botch job of the month.  Threatening the Gerbil’s  circuit of slammers over the full load o’ nitro injected cars issue by yet another threatened sanction yanking of participating tracks is tiring-and a possible noose to hang the Cali contingent by in court.  Between yawner press releases and boring driver interviews, their ‘product’ is looking rather morbidly less agile than octogenarian Chris Karamesines, these days.

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Silly Season Summary Pt. 1

…most of my daily musings last month surrounded the deteriorata in cash-strapped connivance structured for a real estate pyramid scam that promised endless advance money.  I toldya, I toldya, I toldya.  I toldya all last year…on blogspot…on here.  Links  fell away from folks who simply didn’t want to hear it.  Cabash; and every closed door finds another open.

I wrote about Hot Rod Fullers’ falling away…and am pleased to see he may have a fall back plan.  The single most annoying occurance this past month was the de facto ban on match racing by contemporary fuelers.  The ludicrous market conditions for such possible exhibitions notwithstanding, the option for the next Force…or the ever current octogenarian Chris Karamesines needed to be in place.  The four event rule placed everyone on the Glendora Gormet circuit off the menu.  The Internationalists, on the other hand…well, a Fuller vs. Karamesines series of final rounds could still happen if the Ohio offices survive the chill of insurance liability brought about by two seperate ‘monster’ motordeaths.  Really, tho…circus riders have replaced circuit riders in the top ranks.

My silly season-specific side project…always done…um…TODAY!…did speculate around how we could restructure to make the business closer to the original sport that the likes of Tice, Moe, Carrier, Badar and our late, lamented and sorely needed at this time….Wally Parks envisioned.  No matter how commercial or organized into predictible eliminators you’d want to participate or peer out at through affordable grandstand viewing, we can all agree the sprints are losing so much of their history to be rapidly unrecognizable to those of us lucky enough to have hob nob’d with the founders.  I would, again, throw baseball out as an example of a pro sport which could culturally support amateur grassroots participation while keeping the whole deal digestible and identifiable.

Silly Season Gym Rat

…I took January to do a ‘go back’ on a 15 year long stompin’ of my foot. I once promised myself-tho’ my brainpan might not be able to go a day without thinkin’ ’bout the state of drag racing, I wouldn’t succumb to the temptation to make it a daily journal topic. I’d write bad haikus, letters to hopelessly out-of-reach girlfriends, do that streamofconciousnesswithoutgrammerorsyntax stuff they tell you to do in Creative Writing 101…
I caved. Shucks, Ma’m..if I’d put a sliver of effort into my old Nitronic Research meandering I was capable of, I’d have been thrown the dubious ‘editor’ before Wrenchski. Thing is, Wrenchski neeeeeded it.
Anyways..I can, as it turns out, spew a couple hundred words a day on this sport without choking. I did it off site…and this shootin’ a hundred baskets a day was a great way to run my thoughts out on a fairly pandering sideshow hosting site. I have no interest in picking up a dollar a day to do this- bailing after two weeks gives me an uninterrupted record of having taken ZERO dollars for drag racing hardcore fandom. Comps, notwithstanding…
Turns out I like throwing virtual marshmellows at the blowhards of this industry on a frequent basis…thus my return to regular comments here in open sourced nirvana…

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Locked Up In A Horizonal Meat Locker

The “season”-wattevahtheheck that is – ended for 2008 at Palm Beach at Dick M.’s former haunts.  Returning the plant to the high dollar scene which drew mobs to monthly winter weekends is a likely direction.  Looking for glass half full gives tribute to the team which brought the Mopar Missle out of Garlits’ Museum mothballs in TS mode running…and qualifying in their ‘outlaw’….geez that label is dirivative…class.   A good deal of effort is going on quality-checking both the drag racing business and the new car industry flush.  Whatfreakingever.  I don’t want to comment on what I’ve been writing about in here for over a year…the lack of sustainability.  Lets get on with a 2009 choosing progressive technology and sustainable reenactment activities.

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Deflationary Dance

Having taken the summer off to work with my Union on booting George and some important Washington State races, I’m just catching up with some post Indy Nationals trends in the economic implosion that is the sport of Drag Racing.  I agree with many who aren’t drying up that we still offer so many choices for expression that it would take the ultimate act of the gods to silence us forever.  Many are the ways, however, that we can sabotage roads to progress.  The evening promises some outside-of-Brotherhood rally in Kent.  A gathering of squirrels, for the most part, has contacted local media to …er…demand(?) the legalization of some form of street racing.  Me thinks their pot is talking for them….

Clammering for licensed independent nitro drivers to stand-by for construction and financing of neonostalgia floppers is continuing-a momentum that could make the March Meet look like the Manufactorers Meet.  Does anyone have a lust left for those expensive front engine rails?

I am glad…like rocking chair glad…that Bob Glidden is into the pro street scene…that more of these high-end machines are transitioning from pro mod…and that an open 32 car show of this magnitude appears accessible to many more tracks…but keeping it indie is directly linked to keeping it viable.  More meddling by desperate promoters to sanction street racers beyond what is necessary to keep police away by racing ’em on the track will krush the soul of this self-perpetuating facet.  Let ’em run…run a second 8…second 16 to help keep it affordable…2600lb. and up classes to keep it interesting to those of us wanting our products non-homoginized….

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Think…watcha tryin’ to do to me?

A Ford-financing of electric car development tasks is resulting in yet another variation.  This is swell; it will ultimately end up with standardized products-yet we are enjoying a special era when, once again, people are chasing down examples of David Pye’s “ one best way..” to make this type of vehicle feasible.,0,5962782.story

Meanwhile…a major dialogue is underway in reactive activity following the demise of Connie Kalitta’s spawn at Etown this past Sat.  The proposals seeping upward seem focused on 1000′ restrictions…shortening the base paths will not slow innovators…too many hot rodders left in the sport.  I’ve once again raised the notion of ECTA-style closed course LSR runs…but that involves limited options for marketing…without which, most of the quick runners would quit on us…

Conrad’s crew carries on….

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Hollywood Hotel

I have to confess…..a large portion of my ‘take’ on ‘merican culture came from west coast “street” rock and roll during my formative high school and trade school years. Only a remote portion of the left coast is totally unaffected by the Hollywood/Burbank juggernaut. Sunset Blvd. ……University Wy. in Seattle….these were hallowed alleys for me. Something about the legendary Champion tower at OCIR always reminded me of Bob’s Big Boy, the Chateau Marmount and a half dozen clubs…Starwood, Whisky, et al. that represented the potential for excess-seeking to go horribly, horribly wrong. Our former FTN collegue, Steve Parker–who has been linked several times by this blog in the past–is now cemented in the right-hand column. Go visit his stories and opinions often….and: for more evidence of a thin veil between fast cars and the horrible wrongness thingee. Long live Suzy Quatro, the Runaways, Michael Des Barres and Rodney Bingenheimer’s Sunset Strip….warts and all.

Decadent free-wheeling may be taking the death plunge we have been forecasting for years. While a ‘soft landing’ of Japanese-style deflation would have been early warning of exceeding financial and…other energy resources…the die may be cast as early as a Black Monday at the end of this weekend. Stagflation would wipe out the sport’s progress in terms of lower ET’s and entitlement to a living via drag racing like 1974 multiplied. A loving, personable scene……ok, maybe something at least sustainable in a monthly-or-more-often manner at smaller-is-better strips can ride out such a situation when other opulent plants suffer, wither…die off.

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Combustable Comments

I took a month off from posting here to concentrate on my political activities.  The whole shine-ola; delivered a speech to our Gov., got 86’d from Fortune corporate sites, blogged, bitched and…yes…voted.   As you might guess from reading American history, it does not always…er…register with our nation’s direction how we voice our concerns and promote solutions.  I wish “Al” a safe life, given what he has chosen to share in:

Our colleague Cole…who is now linked from this relocated venue…has raised ruckus a plenty with casual remarks recalling the treasure that was ’70’s match racing.  The outrage by geriatric veterans of that era shocked me…..I don’t know why, upon interspection.  The topic of duh-rugs in fueling and financing what was a pretty fringe lifestyle doesn’t set too well with today’s xtian, pale and proud goatee-sportin’ survivors.  Like they never heard of Brooklyn Heavy, Ruth, Palmer and Snow-white race cars dubbed “Defiance”.  Reread Cole’s Arly Langlo again to refresh your memory why we needed to dissent in the first place…….

A solution-oriented paradigm from DRO by Pat Joffrion of Belle Rose’s plant, was neatly outlined for any grassroots promoter that might want to try sustainable drag racing…….rather than the train wreck many still choose to place their bet$ upon…….

“Here’s what is working at NPR that other tracks may want to try…

No Problem Raceway has Friday night trophy racing just about every weekend. (none during our major NHRA, FFW, BikeFest, and special weekends)  Our spectator fee is $10; $20 to race.  We run Street, Motorcycle, Footbrake, Super Pro, and Jr. Dragster.  But here is the fun part…

Before 1st round of the Trophy race, we hold round 1 of an All-Run Gambler’s race.  Open to all but the Jr.’s, each racer who wants to enter brings $20 with them to the lanes.  Round 1 winners continue in the Gambler’s Race; losers fall back into their respective Trophy category.  There are no buy-backs in the gambler’s race.  The track deducts $50 from the total entry fees to cover the cost of the trophies given to the gambler winner & r/u. (yes… they still want the trophy!)  The remaining money is paid back to the racers… Winner gets 50%, R/U gets 30%, semi finalist each get 10%.  If only 3 racers in the semi’s… winner gets 60%.  Our biggest gambler’s race paid $800 to the winner.

The track got $20 from the gamblers that won 1st round because they did not participate in the trophy race.  Either way, the choice is up to the racer.  Pay $20 to race for a trophy, or pay an extra $20 to race for the cash.  It gives those who only want to run their car a chance to have some fun, while those who want to race for some cash have an opportunity.

We leave the gates open on Friday night when we have a Saturday race; that allows the racers and their families to come “camp out” at the track.”  …go to for more discussion……

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The Soul of the Sound

“Gaffo” has posted his lil’ Stock Eliminator group plans on

I’ve loved Wagons of Steel as long as I’ve loved nostalgia sportsman drags.  They represent their home track at Bremerton so well……..

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Greek Food

Salutations to Chris Karamesines for making the bump spot at the San Antonio 1/8th mile national last week. A 251mph trap speed is reminiscent of speeds turned in the full quarter during the AHRA Grand American heyday of the ‘Golden Greek”s career. A reminder of his panache’ for peddling came in this month’s -where the notion of stopping the boring, stripmall-style track prep that has taken over the sport- wherever spoiled families of racers complain about less than ideal conditions-may actually…hook up. Greek…….Garlits…..Ruth…..LaHaie….Bradley…..Dakin….all successful Top Fuel masters who thrived whatever the traction gods threw at ’em. As Burk says so well, the alternative to perfect prep is…learning to actually drive a dragster-something an entire generation of racers has been able to avoid. If you can’t pedal a car, you are tripping to believe you have piloting down……

Also, Rockstad makes another appearance with a Seattle 64FC party piece….things really WERE this weird in the halcyon daze of feature fuel creatures- as Rock testifies…..

Look for the FIA feature in the upcoming TIME rag-rag on Max Mosley and the nastiness in F1. This bastard’s friends killed my Rom relations–and AAA and NHRA dollars have been payin’ for HIS parties…….Expect No Mercy!

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