Regnier Reigns

I like this guy…I like his car…I like his home track…all heroic..

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Settling Down, Southern Style…

Noted Indy Nationals rained-out qualifying nixed doorslammer attempts over the weekend.  Pro Stock made fewer passes..equaling fewer opportunities to test and maintain a combo; sad for them.  Mad, on the other hand, might be the ‘tude of the maligned PM ‘exhibition’ cars bumped..not just for weather…but for “live television” scheduling. Unless the Greek, himself, was at the front of the lanes, this is just another bad marketing decision by the post-Parks Glendora house of cards.

Fortunately, good doorslammer action was going on all over the country.  A veteran heads-up venue hosted a race won Saturday by a veteran heads-up pilot.  And no bothersome gerbils were in evidence…

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Blasting Back At Burk

Jeff just published my rebuttal to his ‘resignation’ he gave over the weekend. DRO readers like me, who value Burk for seeing the forest and balancing his sponsor feeding with the last regular stream of integrity left in monthly indie drag strip journalism, are speaking at Burkster.  The Right Wingnuts, just as in the healthcare debate, are egging his frustration on.  These people ARE the ones who watch races waiting for crashes.  As much as I see our sport based on personal responsibility…as bullheaded as I can get about tradition…we need a Jeff Burk to bring principle to mainstream commercial media.

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