…good air coming in…

…tonight.  Thunderstorms threatening; n’ that’s all the metaphor you’ll get out of me today. Noting responses to the clearly expected drop-off in unlimited slammer participation in the top ranks.  Even before the barnumnational bunch found fewer slammers than fuelers in the pits, a dialogue by those tied as much by passion as profit to the sport began.  The single definative rite of sustainability this year has to be Bret Kepner’s leadership moving the St. Louis scene back along a top elim. format with no more than 40..Four Zero cash entry for whatever one would want to spew out of one’s trailer.  My quick math comes up with a scenerio of no more than 250 cash for the winner at the top of this loose series.  Test, tune and running free for the sake of it are the only motivators.  This…and the recently clarified http://www.prooutlawdoorslammers.com situation based out of Virginia seem to be ready to weather transitions.  The POD runs purses internally, in order to minimize track promoter crisis-mamangement.  Well run circutry can draw crowds and participants, alike.  Apparently 2gs to win and 200 a round can be anticipated..a far cry from my pet trial balloon of having regional names of killer status promoted guarenteed for ..er..750 a round?  Me, a left coastie who rarely pays 20 bucks at the gate.  Glad sustainability stays in the hands of the experienced…an uberfan doesn’t get left holding the bag at the end of a weekend.

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