Chris Karamesines, Chris Karamesines, Chris Karamesines!

Any excuse to add to the Chris Karamesines google bank is a reason to post.  A tad bit under 196mph on Friday at Gainsville keeps the man’s 1000′ muscles limbered up. When you’re 81 years old, you’ll need plenty stretching, as well.

Keeping a good man down, whoever it is, seems to be the new rep of Glendora corporate culture.  This past week, it was announced that round by round sportsman racing isn’t worth coverage…and, no-this isn’t their worst PR botch job of the month.  Threatening the Gerbil’s  circuit of slammers over the full load o’ nitro injected cars issue by yet another threatened sanction yanking of participating tracks is tiring-and a possible noose to hang the Cali contingent by in court.  Between yawner press releases and boring driver interviews, their ‘product’ is looking rather morbidly less agile than octogenarian Chris Karamesines, these days.

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