Deflationary Dance

Having taken the summer off to work with my Union on booting George and some important Washington State races, I’m just catching up with some post Indy Nationals trends in the economic implosion that is the sport of Drag Racing.  I agree with many who aren’t drying up that we still offer so many choices for expression that it would take the ultimate act of the gods to silence us forever.  Many are the ways, however, that we can sabotage roads to progress.  The evening promises some outside-of-Brotherhood rally in Kent.  A gathering of squirrels, for the most part, has contacted local media to …er…demand(?) the legalization of some form of street racing.  Me thinks their pot is talking for them….

Clammering for licensed independent nitro drivers to stand-by for construction and financing of neonostalgia floppers is continuing-a momentum that could make the March Meet look like the Manufactorers Meet.  Does anyone have a lust left for those expensive front engine rails?

I am glad…like rocking chair glad…that Bob Glidden is into the pro street scene…that more of these high-end machines are transitioning from pro mod…and that an open 32 car show of this magnitude appears accessible to many more tracks…but keeping it indie is directly linked to keeping it viable.  More meddling by desperate promoters to sanction street racers beyond what is necessary to keep police away by racing ’em on the track will krush the soul of this self-perpetuating facet.  Let ’em run…run a second 8…second 16 to help keep it affordable…2600lb. and up classes to keep it interesting to those of us wanting our products non-homoginized….

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