The Soul of the Sound

“Gaffo” has posted his lil’ Stock Eliminator group plans on

I’ve loved Wagons of Steel as long as I’ve loved nostalgia sportsman drags.  They represent their home track at Bremerton so well……..

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Greek Food

Salutations to Chris Karamesines for making the bump spot at the San Antonio 1/8th mile national last week. A 251mph trap speed is reminiscent of speeds turned in the full quarter during the AHRA Grand American heyday of the ‘Golden Greek”s career. A reminder of his panache’ for peddling came in this month’s -where the notion of stopping the boring, stripmall-style track prep that has taken over the sport- wherever spoiled families of racers complain about less than ideal conditions-may actually…hook up. Greek…….Garlits…..Ruth…..LaHaie….Bradley…..Dakin….all successful Top Fuel masters who thrived whatever the traction gods threw at ’em. As Burk says so well, the alternative to perfect prep is…learning to actually drive a dragster-something an entire generation of racers has been able to avoid. If you can’t pedal a car, you are tripping to believe you have piloting down……

Also, Rockstad makes another appearance with a Seattle 64FC party piece….things really WERE this weird in the halcyon daze of feature fuel creatures- as Rock testifies…..

Look for the FIA feature in the upcoming TIME rag-rag on Max Mosley and the nastiness in F1. This bastard’s friends killed my Rom relations–and AAA and NHRA dollars have been payin’ for HIS parties…….Expect No Mercy!

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