Foster Remembered

Pat Foster’s personality made such a high-torque presence in the Header Flames portion of the Nitronic Research site, I made it a point to maintain a safe distance….and learn. This constructor and pilot of quick fuel cars surrounded himself with the men and material$ to create history for decades on end. Once again, this also inspired me to maintain a respectful distance.  His attempts to make the Woody Gilmore RED car work and his partnership with M/T in floppers were my introduction.  As I studied our sport, I began to realize how his influence in leveraging high standards of race car maintainance changed drag racing.

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Aptera Aptitude

Today’s unveiling of the storied bi-coastal ranger in San Diego has received  masterful PR  saturation in mainstream media.  There is a lot to be said for the company- and the first 1200 recipients will be the best review for what must be a realistic stab at 21th century success in American vehicular independence.  “Green” attitudes and high ga$ prices aside, even Burning Man could not exist if trains took us everywhere.  This string of releases may give community-minded solo horsing-around one last shot.

My take on the “typ-h” is cautiously optimistic–and look forward to a good, used 7 year old model with the ……one more time………battery-cell issues dealt with.  And…the front wheel fairings….the “pants”.  Why?  80 mph top end policy dictates non-effectiveness.  Do they keep the brakes dry in Portland?  They are lousy for windswept highway driving and could easily bounce this enclosed motorcycle (……why I love it in the first place!) all around the room………..

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Resurrection Day

…….aka, Easter Sunday.  I spent a nice pre-dawn vigil contemplating the post-industrial breakdown and positive, village-scaled aftermath scenarios.  Following the lead of the Catholic Worker Press people, I’m moving over here.  Open source, open minds, small business and lack of a sense of entitlement to Fortune 500 concerns feel like fresh air, already.

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